Almco offers cost-saving solutions for a wide range of parts cleaning and drying applications. We've applied our engineering and field expertise gained from designing and manufacturing of our deburring systems to create a line of cleaning equipment suitable for applications that require compliance to stringent cleanliness specifications.
Almco offers a complete line of parts cleaning equipment to meet a wide range of requirements. You can choose from custom-designed or standard units, and machines that operate in batch or feed-through processing modes.

Update your plant and fill your manufacturing process needs with parts cleaning equipment built in the Almco tradition — with superb quality, durability, safety, and operational ease!



If continuous, flow-through parts cleaning equipment is what you need, an Almco conveyorized parts cleaning system could be the answer. Almco is an innovator when it comes to multi-stage conveyorized parts cleaning systems. Our washers are highly engineered, functionally designed, and ruggedly constructed.



Almco Immersion washers are used to clean a wide variety of new and used components by automatically submerging and agitating them in a tank filled with cleaning solution. This type of washer is typically used to remove grease, soil, oil, abrasive dust, blast debris, swarf, paint, corrosion or other contamination from the surfaces of parts.



For parts cleaning in manufacturing work cells. With an emphasis on quality and compact design, our line of cabinet-style parts washers is the perfect solution for heavy-duty cleaning of large parts or baskets of small parts in a batch operation. The Almco system not only cleans your product, it filters and reclaims your cleaning liquids using several optionally-available filtration systems.



For cleaning small stamped parts or screw machine parts, Almco offers a line of feed-through rotary drum wash systems. Each of these units includes a cylindrical, horizontal axis processing drum with a built-in helix that augers parts from one end of the machine to the other. Drum sizes generally range from 18” to 36” diameter, and wash, rinse, blow-off and dryer stages can be provided.