Spindle Finishing is a process developed by Almco engineers to provide the most precise, no-contact finishing solution for complex or high value parts. Abrasive slurry moving at speeds up to 1000 surface feet per minute contacts large parts or clusters of small parts on spindle mounted chucks. Centrifugal force spins the selected finishing media into a "form fitting grinding wheel" while slow rotation of part in the mass assures uniform deburring and finishing of all surfaces. This process delivers precision finishing of gears, crankshafts, bearing cages, splined shafts, pump rotors, jet compressor discs, jet blades, medical implants and other complex parts.


The Spindle Series machines are the perfect solution for precision finishing and de-burring of complex or high value parts up to 30" in diameter. And because of the tremendous force generated, these machines have the ability to finish up to 480 pieces per hour.



We've applied our long-time engineering and manufacturing expertise to the Sutton Centri-Flo machines with repeatable success. The Centri-Flo series of Almco's expanded-design mass finishing machines provide controlled methods for consistent deburring, generating radii and improving micro-inch surface finished to the most exacting requirements.