Vibratory metal finishing machines come in three main styles — round bowl, batch tubs and continuous thru-feed. With each having its particular advantage — depending on your individual requirements. Our extensive laboratory offers you the opportunity for no-charge process development, including specific parts finishing equipment and supplies recommendations.



Round bowls are extremely versatile machines making them the most popular choice for gentle edge breaking, surface smoothing, as well as aggressive deburring. Almco has long been a pioneer of round bowl vibratory technology. Our dedication to continuous improvement through engineering has produced the most complete and cost-effective line of vibratory bowls available today.


Batch tubs are a perfect choice for finishing large, or delicate parts. The aggressive action of these machines is ideal when shorter time cycles are required. Almco offers many standard tub sizes as well as being the leader in "build to suite" systems. Our extensive knowledge of process development will ensure that you get a machine that is fitted properly to your production needs.


Inline thru-feed machines are ideally suited for high-volume, short-cycle de-burring and finishing of castings, stampings, and forgings. Able to accommodate parts of varying size, these machines are very aggressive and generally produce time cycles less than 20 minutes.