Powdered compounds are for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. These compounds are designed to keep both parts and media clean.  They are also used to enhance the action of the media either by increasing the abrasive action for maximum rate of cut down or to assist in developing color and luster on component parts.

16: Acid Descaler, deburrs, descales and polishes parts and restores true color from long grinding cycles. Eliminates manual cleaning of parts prior to finishing. Use with all media types. Minimizes risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

Chart Image of Powdered Cleaning Compound

10: General Purpose, burnishing on all metals, for all types of abrasive media. Fast sudsing, long life.

20: Stainless Alloys and Precious Metals, burnishes and cleans producing very fast viscous, long lasting suds for a lustrous finish, easily soluble and free rinsing.

101: Concentrated Compound, burnishes aluminum, zinc and other ferrous metals to a high lustrous finish. Can produce finishes like hand buffing on die cast parts.

411: High Lustrous, compound provides an extra high lustrous finish on ferrous and nonferrous metals, exceptionally long life. Use with all media and ball burnishing.

Chart Image of Powdered Burnishing Compound

Abrasive (3): All Purpose, aggressive cutting, medium fine aluminum oxide for use with all types of media to increase material removal rate on flat surfaces and provides normal finishing on corners.

Abrasive (5): Fast Grinding, of all metals, normal life, quartz based, low foam, use with all media types, leaves a fine micro inch finish, moderately alkaline.

Abrasive (58): Extra Heavy Duty, long life abrasive, medium fine grit aluminum oxide/silicon carbide to blend parting lines, remove stock and heavy burrs on all metals when long grinding cycles and large amounts of scale, burrs or stock is to be improved.

Abrasive (7A58): Very Coarse, highly alkaline, 60 to 220 grit, rapid cutting aluminum oxide, low foaming, long life. Use with all types of media.

Abrasive (40B): Silica Flour Abrasive, for an ultra-low fine micro inch finish on all metals. No impregnation leaves a light satin finish.

Abrasive (570S): Aggressive Grinding, concentrated slightly alkaline compound, all purpose for use on any metals or media type, fast cutting. An economical alternative to aluminum oxide, low-foaming, long lasting, rinse free.

Abrasive (3SC): Silicon Carbide Compound, medium fine, for use on all metals, fast cutting when mixed with all media types, recommended for stainless steel.

Non-Abrasive (2): Neutral pH Compound, for cleaning, grinding and deburring all metals, retards rust, keeps media clean, prevents loading and glazing of abrasive media. Very effective on aluminum.

Non-Abrasive (2A): Neutral pH Compound – Low Foam, same as No.2. For vibratory use, very effective on non-ferrous metals.

Non-Abrasive (7A): Heavy Duty, highly alkaline compound for grinding and cleaning operations. Non-foaming, producing high colors on ferrous metals and keeps media free from loading. Saponifies and emulsifies heavy fatty oils and greases, excellent rust inhibitor.

Chart Image of Powdered Deburring Compound







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