LR Series Vib Bowl


  • Wet or dry processing capabilities
  • Space-saving, low-profile design for easy load and unload
  • Curved polyurethane-lined bowl for maximum finishing action
  • Extended screening deck for more effective parts & media separation
  • Variable speed motor for process flexibility


Electric pump to periodically supply grease to critical bearings.

Measures the amount of process liquid flow into the tub.

Digital readout showing the tub vibrator speed for accurate process repeatability.

Media discharge door opened/closed via air cylinder to allow for automatic operation or manually via selector switch on electrical enclosure.

Steel cover lined with sound reducing foam that fits over the vibratory tub/bowl to reduce noise from the vibratory process. May be sliding or have spring-assisted lid for access to the machine.

The gate clearing feature reduces the chances of parts getting caught between the media gate and the screen frame. This option momentarily reverses the tub while raising the media gate to clear the area under the screen.

ULĀ® 508A is an Underwriters Laboratories directive for components and wiring practices as they pertain to industrial control panels.

This long radius tub (versus cross-section) is useful for through-feed operation where the part is loaded near the discharge screen and is unloaded after making one pass around the tub. It may also work better for delicate parts or long, narrow parts. The LR Series includes a built-in internal separation system for batch processing.

When parts and abrasive media are placed into the flat bottom bowl, its vibrating action causes millions of small collisions between parts and media, resulting in the removal of material along part edges and corners. A mixture of water and finishing compound washes away residual particles, resulting in a clean, smooth finish.

Model No.Working Capacity (Cu Ft.)Channel Cross Section (In)Drive HPOverall Dimensions (In)
OR-5VLR4.28.25354 x 54 x 36
OR-9VLR7.610580 x 66 x 44
OR-16VLR15.212.51096 x 84 x 50
OR-25VLR25.7152098 x 98 x 66
OR-40VLR38.81725144 x 144 x 78






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