These tubs are a perfect choice for deburring, pre-plating, or polishing a wide variety of parts.  These machines may be stand-alone or designed into a custom system with conveyors and material handling equipment for automatic loading and unloading.  The tub cross-section is designed to maximize the finishing action. These machines are robust and versatile, capable of processing parts in batches or in a through-feed mode using a huge variety of finishing media.

Image of Almco's VB Series Finishing MachineVB-Series

These straight tub vibratory finishing machines offer great results. They have fewer options and simple electrical controls to keep costs down. Manual interaction is required for loading and unloading. The aggressive action guarantees that the results are not compromised in this cost-effective series.

VB Series Tub Chart

Image of Almco's V Series Finishing MachineV-Series

These straight tub vibratory finishing machines are heavy-duty units with many optional configurations. The machines may be configured to be part of an automated system, eliminating the need for manual intervention. These are the best vibratory tubs available on the market.

V-Series Chart

Image of Almco's Continuous Thru-Feed Finishing MachineThru-Feed

Continuous Thru-feed machines are integrated with material handling systems including an oscillating parts-media separator, incorporating a secondary “fines” removal deck and a media return conveyor for complete automatic processing of high production parts. Parts may be fed into the machine at short intervals, direct from preceding operations. Systems are ideally suited for incorporating washer, dryer, or rust-inhibiting operations. Machines may also be equipped to process parts using steel media.

These machines are excellent to incorporate with optional automatic parts load and unloading mechanisms for increased efficiencies.

Thru-Feed Chart






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