Thru Feed Vibratory Tub Machine


  • Wet or dry processing capabilities
  • Variable amplitude for process adjustment
  • Heavy duty polyurethane lining
  • Ability to run steel media
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • High volume production


Electric pump to periodically supply grease to critical bearings.

Measures the amount of process liquid flow into the tub.

A urethane-lined plate, bolted into the tub to form separate compartments in order to prevent part- on-part contact.

UL® 508A is an Underwriters Laboratories directive for components and wiring practices as they pertain to industrial control panels.

Media discharge door opened/closed via air cylinder to allow for automatic operation or manually via selector switch or pneumatic hand valve.

Steel cover lined with sound reducing foam that fits over the vibratory tub/bowl to reduce noise from the vibratory process. May be sliding or have spring-assisted lid for access to the machine.

Continuous thru-feed vibratory tub machines are integrated with material handling systems including an oscillating parts-media separator. Incorporating a secondary removal deck and a media return conveyor for complete automatic processing of high production parts.

When parts and media are placed into the tub, the counterweights on the spinning vibrator shaft cause the spring-mounted processing tub to rapidly oscillate on its springs.  This motion causes the mass of parts and media within the tub to vibrate and roll within the tub in an orderly fashion.  This rolling action can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the vibrator assembly and by changing the amount of counterweight. This machine discharges media and parts onto the screener. Media is then discharged onto a return conveyor to the load end of the vibratory tub. These machines are excellent to incorporate with optional automatic parts load and unloading mechanisms for increased efficiencies.

Model No.Working Capacity (Cu Ft.)Tub Cross Section (In)Tub Length (In)Drive HPOverall Dimensions (In)
V-1472TF6.514727.5176 x 58 x 78
V-14156TF17.51415610300 x 73 x 117
V-1696TF13169615270 x 60 x 118
V-19114TF221911415272 x 70 x 120
V-16155TF201615520314 x 73 x 129
V-19229TF43.51922940500 x 99 x 161
V-23189TF482318940370 x 84 x 135
V-23239TF622323950375 x 107 x 130






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