ALMCO washers are available in three different types.  Each type of washer can be modified or customized to match the exact application required.

Inline Parts WasherInline Washers

The ALMCO Inline Washer provides continuous, flow-through operation with wash, rinse, rust inhibit, blow-off and drying sections available.  The belt may be a standard flat wire belt, rod belt, mesh covered belt or chain drive for moving parts directly or on pallets / tombstones.  Many belt styles and widths are available and the machines can be 100% custom designed for your application.

Inline Parts Washer Chart

U-Bend Parts WasherU-Bend Washer

The ALMCO U-bend washer design is perfect for use with a single operator or in an automated system where the direction of workflow needs to be changed.  These washers offer all of the custom design benefits of our inline units, but fewer belt options are available.  Most units are built with a flat wire belt where the part is loose on top of the belt.

U-Bend Parts Washer Chart

Monorail Washers

The ALMCO Monorail washers are designed to match up to your existing system.  These systems are typically designed with split hoods to allow your existing hangers to be used through the wash system.  These washers can also be custom-designed with a larger selection of options.

Monorail Parts Washer Chart






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