Immersion washers clean components by submersing them in an agitated cleaning solution.  They are used to remove any contamination from the surfaces of parts exiting a production line or during a rebuild process.

EAW Series Immersion WasherEAW Series

The ALMCO EAW Series is a mild steel, painted unit that is most commonly used for solvent parts washing. This equipment cleans parts that are placed on a platform which is lowered into the tank and agitates up and down a distance of 4″ at a rate of up to 30 times per minute. These cost-effective parts washers are ideal for small shops. Shown in stainless steel.

Agitation WasherAgitation Washers

The ALMCO Agitation washers are stainless-steel parts washers for cleaning parts using an aqueous cleaner. These have similar operation as the EAW Series but have heavy agitation units. These washers may have powered rollers and be part of an automated production system with multiple stages and parts sensors for automatic operation.

Ultrasonic WasherUltrasonic Washers

The ALMCO Ultrasonic parts washers operate the same as the standard agitation washers but are also equipped with ultrasonic transducers to loosen debris that is hard to displace by agitation alone. These washers can reach blind holes and internal areas that a spray washer or agitation washer may not reach. These washers are built for the toughest applications.






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