Compact barrel tumbling machine built by ALMCO.


  • ½” Thick urethane-lined barrel for long life
  • Pressure-relief system to relieve barrel pressure prior to door removal
  • Variable speed barrel for process flexibility
  • Available with one or two compartments


Indicates barrel speed in RPM. This speed is an important process setting.

This switch allows the operator to change the direction of the process barrel at regular intervals to even out wear and increase barrel life significantly.

This option allows the operator to fill the barrel with water or other liquid by simply opening a hand valve at the side of the machine or via a solenoid valve. With this option, the operator does not need to fill the barrel with a hose or bucket.

UL® 508A is an Underwriters Laboratories directive for components and wiring practices as they pertain to industrial control panels.

The compact series of barrels are designed to take up the least amount of floor space possible. There are several sizes available of these units from 2 cu3 to 5.6 cu3 . Ideal for batch parts finishing, larger individual parts, part on part finishing, delicate parts, or parts and media that are not compatible with vibratory finishing.

These machines process parts by rotating them in a multi-sided, urethane-lined barrel that is also filled with processing media and liquid compound. The tumbling action inside the barrel deburrs the parts as the top section of media continuously slides down the incline created from the barrel rotation. Cycle times are often a fraction of other finishing equipment.

Model No.BarrelsTotal Cap (Cu Ft)Barrel Dimensions (Dia x Length)
DB-1616-11216 x 16
DB-1616-22216 x 8
DB-2020-11420 x 20
DB-2020-22420 x 20
DB-2224-115.622 x 24
DB-2224-225.622 x 12






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