PW Series Ultrasonic Immersion Washer

Single or Batch Cleaning

The PW Series immersion parts washers have many optional configurations in comparison to the EAW Series washers. The series is used for aqueous parts washing. The PW Series may be configured to be part of an automated production system with multiple stages, powered rollers, and parts sensors for automatic operation. This series is constructed of stainless steel and has heavy-duty agitation units and an upgraded electrical panel. This machine is great for either single or batch cleaning of a variety of parts sizes and weights. If equipped with ultrasonic capabilities, this series transmits high-energy, high-frequency sound waves to more-effectively clean parts.

How It Works

Ultrasonic cleaning is a result of high frequency sound waves introduced into a cleaning liquid by means of a series of “transducers” mounted to the cleaning tank. The sound travels throughout the tank and creates waves of compression and expansion in the liquid. In the compression wave, the molecules of the cleaning liquid are tightly compressed together. Conversely, in the expansion wave, the molecules are rapidly pulled apart. The expansion is so dramatic that the molecules are ripped apart, creating microscopic bubbles. The bubbles are not seen by the naked eye since they are so small and exist for only a split second of time. The bubbles contain a partial vacuum while they exist. As the pressure around the bubbles becomes greater, the fluid around the bubble rushes in, collapsing the bubble very rapidly. This violent collapse, combined with the liquid jets velocity, provides a very intense cleaning/scrubbing action in a minute area. This scrubbing action exists throughout the cleaning bath. When utilizing detergents designed for a specific application, a synergistic cleaning action is produced.


  • Heated wash tank with aqueous models
  • 3 phase power
  • Standard sizes with capacity up to 1000 lbs.
  • All stainless steel construction on most units
  • Powered lid lift
  • Timed operation


  • Oil skimmer or coalescer
  • Insulated tank
  • Float switch for heater protection when heated
  • Vapor exhaust duct connections and vapor exhaust system
  • Bag filter system
  • Stainless steel bag filtration units
  • Automatic water and compound replenishment
  • PLC and touch screen controls
  • Higher Load Capacity over 1000 lbs
  • UL 508A electrical controls

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