Spindle Deburring System


  • Repeatable load and process positions allow for easy integration with robotic production lines
  • Spring-hold air-release tooling holds part to spindle
  • Variable speed tub featuring a perforated drain section for the removal of liquid sludge from the media


This option is strongly recommended for automated operations as it positions the part very accurately at the end of each cycle in order to align the part with a robot gripper or other unloading device.

The spindle flush station option adds a complete stainless- steel rinse station to each spindle and a common tank to store and recirculate the rinse liquid separate from the process liquid. This spray is designed to remove media from the part and may also be used to spray rust-inhibiting solution to allow the parts to be stored for several days until the next process.

The spindle machine may be equipped with a sound hood that incorporates two sliding safety doors. These safety doors are each locked via a solenoid and will not open until the spindle is in the home position and ready to be unloaded. Once the door is opened, the safety switch prevents any operation of hazardous components.

ULĀ® 508A is an Underwriters Laboratories directive for components and wiring practices as they pertain to industrial control panels.

Provides spindle heads controlled by hydraulic pivot actuators to allow multiple position angles to achieve uniform coverage of all part surfaces during processing and ease of loading and unloading by an operator or robot.

Holds parts while lowered into rapidly moving tub of abrasive media.

Spindle Machines are known for high-speed precision deburring and are also referred to as slurry deburring machines. Spindle Finishing equipment utilizes one or multiple rotating spindles in a tub of rotating media to achieve a consistent finish on a part. They are primarily designed to finish small to medium-sized precision parts such as shafts, transmission components, gears, aerospace parts, medical parts, automotive parts, firearm components, and bearing races – with the capability of finishing many other types of parts.

In Spindle Finishing Machines, the part is typically attached to the spindle via a custom fixture that holds the parts during the finishing process. Parts may be loaded by hand or via robot. Once the parts are attached to the fixture/tooling, they are lowered into a tub of rapidly moving abrasive media.

The tub rotates in one direction, while the spindle(s) typically turn in the opposite direction. When the spindle rotates, it exposes all sides of the parts to the abrasive media or slurry, resulting in consistent deburring and finishing.

On a machine equipped with the Rotary Actuator (RA) feature, the spindle will pivot in two different directions within the tub, allowing multiple position angles to achieve uniform coverage of all part surfaces without having to manually remove the part from the spindle.

The movement of the tub and spindle(s) create a more consistent finish in a shorter cycle time than most other finishing processes.

Model No.# of SpindlesTub Diameter (In)Maximum Part Diameter (In)Max Tub Speed (SFM)Tub Drive (HP)Overall Dimensions (In)
S2-302302.52000555 x 38 x 55
S2F-36236610007.5112 x 56 x 65
S2F-482481690010120 x 64 x 65
S2F-48CRA2481690010120 x 75 x 65
S2F-48DRA2488.590020120 x 75 x 75
1SF-48148309001592 x 123 x 93







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