Spindle Deburring System


  • Repeatable load and process positions allow for easy integration with robotic production lines.
  • Easy to use operator touch screen controls (standard on “RA” models only).
  • Spring-hold air-release tooling holds part to spindle.
  • Variable speed tub featuring a perforated drain section for the removal of liquid sludge from the media.
  • Adjustable part positioning for optimal process results.
  • Available in eight different models.


This option is strongly recommended for automated operations as it positions the part very accurately at the end of each cycle in order to align the part with a robot gripper or other unloading device.

The spindle flush station option adds a complete stainless- steel rinse station to each spindle and a common tank to store and recirculate the rinse liquid separate from the process liquid. This spray is designed to remove media from the part and may also be used to spray rust-inhibiting solution to allow the parts to be stored for several days until the next process.

The spindle machine may be equipped with a sound hood that incorporates two sliding safety doors. These safety doors are each locked via a solenoid and will not open until the spindle is in the home position and ready to be unloaded. Once the door is opened, the safety switch prevents any operation of hazardous components.

UL® 508A is an Underwriters Laboratories directive for components and wiring practices as they pertain to industrial control panels.

Provides spindle heads controlled by hydraulic pivot actuators to allow multiple position angles to achieve uniform coverage of all part surfaces during processing and ease of loading and unloading by an operator or robot.

Holds parts while lowered into rapidly moving tub of abrasive media.

Spindle deburring systems or slurry finishing machines are idea for deburring complex parts, including gears, bearing cages, splined shafts, pump rotators, jet compressor discs and blades and more. This high-speed, precision deburring machine can finish single parts on each of its two spindles or several smaller parts on fixtures. The machine holds the part(s) on rotating spindles that are lowered into a rapidly moving tub of abrasive media. The most common abrasive media used is a fine, granular aluminum oxide. Other choices for media are pre-shaped plastic, ceramic, steel, corn cob and walnut shell. The abrasive media swiftly flows over the part(s) as it rotates in the tub removing sharp edges and improving surface finishes. The media moves at up to 1000 surface feet per minute past the part. This is a very aggressive process and cycle times are often less than one minute per part, per spindle. The process is very repeatable, and these machines are often used for high-precision components. These machines are custom configured to meet individual customer’s requirements.

Model No.# of SpindlesTub Diameter (In)Maximum Part Diameter (In)Max Tub Speed (SFM)Tub Drive (HP)Overall Dimensions (In)
S2-302302.52000555 x 38 x 55
S2F-36236610007.5112 x 56 x 65
S2F-482481690010120 x 64 x 65
S2F-48CRA2481690010120 x 75 x 65
S2F-48DRA2488.590020120 x 75 x 75
1SF-48148309001592 x 123 x 93







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